Please note that the Boardz Server will be decommissioned before the end of the year.  The financial reality is that the server costs far outstrip the sales.  An attempt to add in-app purchases didn’t help, and most players just reduced their active games so they didn’t have to pay the subscription.  On a personal note, I’ve been propping up the Boardz servers for the last 6 months, simply because it’s a piece of software close to my heart.  I’m sorry to see it go.

Boardz may be back one day, but for now it is not a supportable proposition, and I don’t have the time to work on new features & updates.  It’s been a fun ride!


Boardz 1.7 has shipped to the Apple Store.  It comes with quite a few changes and bug fixes:

  • Go players can now negotiate dead stones at the end of a game.  You are given the option to mark or accept dead stones, at which point your opponent can do the same.
  • In Go you can now export your game as an SGF or load it into another tool.
  • The Shogi computer opponent is added.
  • The annoying promotion/pass/resign bugs are fixed.
  • The app takes advantage of the bigger screen on iPhone 5.
  •  Boardz is now free.  Existing users get a free 1 year subscription to the ‘premium’ version.  New users get the app for free, but need to buy the premium upgrade to play more than 2 simultaneous online games.  Hopefully this is a fair change to the charging mechanism, and will get more players on the system.  The premium subscription lasts a year, and does automatically renew.  The yearly subscription helps pay for the ongoing server costs.



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