Boardz 1.7 has shipped to the Apple Store.  It comes with quite a few changes and bug fixes:

  • Go players can now negotiate dead stones at the end of a game.  You are given the option to mark or accept dead stones, at which point your opponent can do the same.
  • In Go you can now export your game as an SGF or load it into another tool.
  • The Shogi computer opponent is added.
  • The annoying promotion/pass/resign bugs are fixed.
  • The app takes advantage of the bigger screen on iPhone 5.
  •  Boardz is now free.  Existing users get a free 1 year subscription to the ‘premium’ version.  New users get the app for free, but need to buy the premium upgrade to play more than 2 simultaneous online games.  Hopefully this is a fair change to the charging mechanism, and will get more players on the system.  The premium subscription lasts a year, and does automatically renew.  The yearly subscription helps pay for the ongoing server costs.



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